Booktopia growing bigger than ever

Booktopia has been around for a number of years now and in this time it has grown to be the most popular Australian online book seller. The company is now at a point where it is now looking to grow it’s inventory of offerings and will look to move into the DVD, music, greeting cards, games and magazine space.

Booktopia has grown it’s numbers across the whole business include it’s staff. The company now employs over 70 people and has achieved sales of over 27 million in the 2013 financial year. This figure is a massive increase on it’s 20.9 million achieved last year. The company has had a consistent record of profitable years and looks like it will continue this trend.

The company is now looking for bigger premises for it’s every expanding inventory and is looking for locations around Sydney for a site.

There are whispers that over the next couple of years Amazon will look to make a stronger move into the Australian market by opening a local retail business. Booktopia is hoping that Australian loyalty will keep it’s customers returning.

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Kobo goes up against Google

Kobo started off as a small ebook retailer in Canadia but due to it’s potential, Japanese giant Rakuten purchased the company.

Google created a business which allowed you to purchase eBooks from independent stores through Google Books. The intention of the service was to allow independent bookstores to market their products in the world of digital books. The service however, did not have the success that Google had hoped for and so they decided to shut it down.

Kobo decided to take on the eBook service and provide independent book stores the opportunity once again to sell their wares. The result was a huge amount of success with bookstores selling more on Kobo in a month than they did in two years with Google Books.

Bookstores believe that one of the keys to their success is the fact that they could sell the reading devices with the books.

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Dell continues to support founders bid

After much anger from shareholders, the Dell board set up a special committee to discover if there were more attractive suitors available in the market than it’s found Michael Dell and Silver Lake partners.

It has emerged that there were superior bids from Blackstone Group and Carl Icahn price wise. However, the committee has advised that the proposals from both groups have not yet been finalised or confirmed in detail so therefore it was not yet clear whether either of these bids were better than the original bid. Although the offer price range is greater than the initial offer from Michael Dell and Silver Lake Partners, the devil could be in the detail and could leave shareholders worse off.

With all the facts as it currently stands, Dell continues to be the superior bid as it’s details are completely transparent for shareholders. One thing that may come from the extra bids is a sweetened deal from Michael Dell.

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The Canon EOS 100D

When purchasing a camera, many consumers want the features of a DSLR but don’t want the bulk that comes with owning one. This is the hole that Canon are trying to fill as they introduce their pocket DSLR called the Canon EOS 100D.

The Canon EOS 100D weighs a mere 407 grams and looks like a pocket sized SLR and is over 10 percent slimmer than the Canon 650D released last year.

Although significantly smaller, the camera does not seem to have much less features than a regular SLR with Canon being able to keep a lot of bells and whistles that larger SLRs have.

The Canon 100D has a 18 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor which is the same one that is one the Canon 700D. The camera gives you ability to shoot with many preset filters which gives it functions similar to the point and shoot camera.

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Styletread has been sold

Styeltread is an online only shoe store that has achieve phenomenal growth. The growth has seen it become Australia’s number one online shoe store.

Styletread had it’s initial growth boosted when Nine Entertainment took a share of the company and injected funding. With their investment came some invaluable exposure from the company in television and magazines.

The company then secured more funding in 2012 from an investment fund called Starfish Ventures. This funding allowed the company to expand their footwear range.

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The company was founded by Mark Rowland and Bjorn Behrend and they have grown the business to what it is today. Their success has attracted the attention of some big industry players and has seen the company sold to the Munro Family. The Munro family have been in the footwear industry for over 50 years and are predominantly in the wholesale and retail areas.


Retail in Australia is dying a slow death

It has been revealed in a report that Australians are purchasing from overseas stores more than any other modern country in the world. The report was compiled by the Boston Consulting Group and what it shows, which is concerning for the Australian Economy, is that rather than spending money on local businesses, Australians are sending money overseas.

Australia is in it’s relative infancy when it comes to online shopping. Many stores are now only starting to get into gear when it comes to attracting online consumers. Stores such as BigW, Midas and Events are starting to make a push into retail using the correct strategy. Midas for example are trying to attract consumers with a Midas coupon which is a popular method of encouraging online purchases.

Price is not the only reason that Australian’s are shopping overseas. The other reason is the choice of what is on offer. Australian stores have tended to only stock a small variety of goods compared to big overseas online retailers.

All this spells bad news for local retailers with the only prospect of a turnaround being a drop in the value of the Australian dollar.


Weight loss techniques

Weight loss is probably one of the hardest challenges for a person who has been a little on the overweight side for a long time. Everyone who is overweight knows that they need to lose weight but following through with it can be the most difficult part.

To ensure you have a successful diet plan, you should follow some simple rules.

Firstly, try to eat smaller portions of food. Many people will eat even though they are full. Rather than eating until they are no longer hungry. There is a subtle difference between the two but there can be a big difference in the consumption.

Secondly, stick to your plan and don’t give into temptation. You may think that the odd chocolate or goody here and there won’t make a difference to your overall plan but think again. These little weaknesses will add up and will make you less likely to commit long term.

Finally, consider following a well establish plan like Weight Watchers. As long as you commit to the program and attend group meetings, you will likely succeed. You can even see how you go with a Weight Watchers free trial to see if it’s for you.


The success of Booktopia

One of the best past times if you want to improve your mental health and well being is to sit down and read a book.

These days, the popular corner bookstore is no longer around and it is online has been the method of choice to purchase books. In the article we will take a look at one of the most popular stores, Booktopia.

Booktopia was created by Tony Nash and he has turned it into one of the biggest bookstores in Australia, turning over millions of dollars a year.

The bookstore is now over 5 years old and the idea was originally born from dealing with Angus & Robertson where he and his brother were in the internet marketing arena.

When it was originally started, the company hada ¬†budget of only $10 a day and using Google Adwords, generated it’s initial traffic and business. After being in business for only a month, it sold $2000 worth of books and they knew they were onto something big.

The company has now got thousands of books in their inventory and this continues to grow. They have also partnered with Google to be the preferred eBooks provider in Australia.

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Clothing is the way to fortune

Woman have lots of different types of clothing available to them and one of the most popular of those is a blouse.

A blouse is a article of clothing which is loose fitting and is worn on the upper part of the body. It is common for a blouse to be held at the waist by a belt of some sort so that it hangs loosely over the belot.

A blouse is typically referred to as a female shirt. The term blouse is often used to classify articles of clothing, such as shirts, which look very feminine.

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Blouses weren’t really a popular article of clothing for woman until the 1890′s. They became more of a informal and pratical piece of clothing during these times.

Blouses are usually made of either cotton or silk. Other distinctive aspects of them are that they may or may not have collars and sleeves.